Everything you need to know about the regatta

Racing order

The racing order for all three days can be found here.

FISA Rules of Racing

At Euro Masters, the FISA Rules of Racing apply as well as the additional FISA regulations for masters regattas.


All rowers who complete their 27th year of age in 2016 are eligible to race. The assignment to an age category is based on the age that you achive in 2016.

Age group
Age group
A 27 years (MA) G 65 years (MAA)
B 36 years (MAA) H 70 years (MAA)
C 43 years (MAA) I 75 years (MAA)
D 50 years (MAA) J 80 years (MAA)
E 55 years (MAA) K 85 years (MAA)
F 60 years (MAA)

MA – Minimum age, MAA – Minimum Average Age

You don’t look your age. Please make sure to carry an official ID document such as passport, ID card or driver’s licence with you to prove your age.


When calculating the minimum or minimum average age, coxwains are not to be counted. Coxwains are allowed to cox crews regardless of their gender. They have to weigh in at least one hour prior to their first race for the entire regatta. The minimum weight is 50 kilograms. Underweight can only be adjusted up to 10 kilograms.

Weigh-in times
29.07.2016 8:30-10:45am
29.07.2016 12:45-4:15pm
30.07.2016 9:45-11:20am
30.07.2016 12:30-4:30pm (also for MIX races)

Traffic rules

Traffic rules will be published here soon.


All age groups race on the 1,000 meter course. Generally, races are started on six lanes in four-minute intervals.

If there are more than six entries for a race, we will divide boats in heats. Each heat will have winner. If there is just one entry per age group, the crew will start in the race of the adjacent younger age group.

Victory ceremony

The winner of each final receives a medal.  If we have to consolidate several age groups in one heat, the winner of each age group will be determined and awarded with a medal.


All crews need to wear uniform clothing, including crews with rowers from different clubs. The only exception are crews in the Sunday MIX races.

Training times

Training at the course is possible during the following times:
Monday through Wednesday – all day (no rental boats available)
Thursday – all day (rental boats available until 7pm CET)
Friday through Sunday – from dawn to 30 minutes before the first race and from 30 minutes after the last race till dusk


Attention: Doping tests  are possible even with Masters regattas. If you are on any medication, which are subject to notification according to anti-doping rules, please have it certified by your doctor and drop off a copy of the certificate in a sealed envelope at the race office before the competition. The envelope is opened only in the event of a doping test in your presence. Please pick up the envelope again after the regatta.


Each athlete is responsible for his or her health.

How to find the regatta course

A description of arrival by car and public transport can be found here.

Trailer vehicles can pass the gates to the launching area to drop of or pick up trailers. After drop-off, all vehicles need to leave again. Other vehicles are not allowed in the launching area.


Please keep left when entering the regatta course and park at the back of the grand stands.

Unfortunately, parking is not free of charge. However, we are not in charge of the parking lot management.

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