Regatta München e.V. is pleased to announce that our official boat hire service partner is Filippi Boats from Italy.

Filippi will provide all boats and the related services for the Euro masters Regatta 2016. All contracts entered are between you and Filippi Boats directly without an involvement of Regatta München e.V.
The following content is provided by Filippi Boats Italy.


You can make your boat rental requests starting immediately.


  • 40 € per seat per training session
  • 40 € per seat per racing session

Boat Hire Booking for Racing

Please use the form at the end of this page to hire a boat. If you need to hire multiple boats, please indicate the additional boats and relevant events in the message area. A representative of Filippi Boats will get back to you asap.
Boats can be collected 40 minutes before race time with immediate return after racing and medal collection. Hirers should collect their bow number beforehand.

Boat Hire Bookings for Training

Training with hired boats is available on Thursday, July 28, 8am to 7pm. You will rent the boat for a duration of 60 minutes, training time 45 minutes, changeover time 15 minutes.
Hirers can select their preferred time, however the time will not be guaranteed. Time allocations will be published two weeks prior to the regatta.
Hirers that return boats late will incur a late return fee and may be required to lodge additional security prior to subsequent hires.

Boat Rigging


  • Hirers are permitted to alter:
  • Foot stretcher length
  • Seat runner position

Not Permitted

  • Hirers are not permitted to alter:
  • Alter rigger pitch
  • Alter rigger span
  • Change rudder wires which are set in the crossed position
  • Change foot steering position which is set to the stroke seat
  • Transfer any equipment from one boat to another
  • Alter oar inboard/outboard ratio

Boat Hire General Notes

  1. While the boat hire operator is mindful of boat supply consistency, hirers cannot expect to obtain the same boat for repeat hires.
  2. Hirers that return damaged boats will be required to immediately notify the boat hire operator and submit a damage report
  3. Hire boats in the 8 and 4 categories are fitted with standard loudspeaker arrangements, however cox boxes are not supplied.
  4. Hirers must submit official hire documents or identification to collect their boats.
  5. Hirers must use the dedicated Filippi Hire Boat In and Out pontoons in the center.
  6. Hirers must return all boats and oars to their original racks.
  7. Hirers should bring oar clams in case quick inboard/outboard changes are desired.
  8. Stroke coaches are not supplied with any boat.
  9. The boat hire operator will maintain boat and oar combinations for:

– Heavyweight and lower age categories

– Lightweight and older categories


All Croker and Concept2 oars will be available for sale at the end of the regatta. For information or requests, please contact

Boat Hire Queries

Boat hire queries can be sent to the following email:

Official Boat Hire Booking

Please send an email to to submit your official boat hire request. A representative of Filippi Boats will get back to you asap.

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