Key facts of the regatta

Race schedule

You can find the race schedule here.

FISA Rules of Racing

The races shall be rowed according the FISA Rules of Racing and related bye-laws for Masters regattas.


A rower may compete if he/she attains the age of 27 in 2014. To determine the age category, the age achieved in the year 2014 is considered.

Age category Age category
A 27 years (MA) G 65 years (AA)
B 36 years (AA) H 70 years (AA)
C 43 years (AA) I 75 years (AA)
D 50 years (AA) J 80 years (AA)
E 55 years (AA) K 85 years (AA)
F 60 Jahre (AA)

MA – Minimum age, AA – Average age

You don’t look your age! Therefore, each regatta participant must be able to proof his/her age by presentation of an official photo ID (passport, ID card, driver’s license). Spot checks will be conducted.


Age categories do not apply to coxswains of Masters crews. A coxswain may be of either gender. The coxswain’s weight is 50kg. A coxswain has to employ deadweight to compensate for an underweight condition to a maximum of 10 kg. Coxswains will weigh-in once for the whole regatta 1 hour before their first race at the latest.

Weigh-in times
July 25, 2014 7-8am
July 25, 2014 5-7pm
July 26, 2014 7-8am
July 26, 2014 6-7pm for MIX races

Traffic rules

The traffic rules will be published shortly.

Course of events

The race distance for all age categories is 1000 m. Rowing will take place on six lanes, race interval is four minutes.

When the number of entries in an event exceeds the number of available racing lanes, the entry will be divided into two or more finals. If an event’s age category has one entry only, this crew shall start in the next lower age category.

Victory ceremony

Medals will be awarded to the winners of each final. A separate classification will take place and prizes will be awarded for each age category, even when the race is held together with other age groups in a combined final. This applies to both men’s and women’s events.


Members of the same crew shall compete wearing uniform clothing. The regulation regarding uniform clothing does not apply for mixed crews on Sunday.

Training Times

Training on the course is possible as follows:
Monday to Wednesday all day (no rental boats available)
Thursday all day (rental boats until 7pm)
Friday to Sunday sunrise until 30 minutes before the first race and 20 minutes after the last race until sunset


Please note: Doping tests are also possible at Masters regattas. A required medication has to be attested together with the relevant diagnoses and the agents applied – insofar as they are not banned, but notifiable by anti-doping regulations – by the attending doctor. A copy of the attestation shall be deposited before the competition in a sealed envelope at the regatta office. The envelope will only be opened in the presence of the rower and shall be collected upon completion of the regatta.


Each competitor shall be responsible for his or her own health and fitness.


For detailed directions, click here.

Drawing vehicles may pass the entrance to the boat area, to drop off or pick up boat trailers. The drawing vehicles have to leave the boat area and the inner regatta compound afterwards. Other vehicles are not allowed to enter the compound.


After entering the regatta course, please stay left and follow the road to the parking area behind the grandstand. Parking fees apply.

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