Information for Athletes and Team Managers

Course of events

The course length for JFA and JMA is 2000m, for JFB and JMB 1500m. The races for the JFA and JMA can run on eight lanes, in general they run on six lanes. The time between the races is five minutes.


Preliminaries will take place as follows:
Saturday, May 7, 2016, from 8am for the races 9 to 13 as well as 22, 23, 25, and 26
Sunday, May 8, 2016, from 7.30am for the races 75 to 78

All other races will be divided into qualifying divisions one hour before the start. The Saturday races are regarded as qualification for the Sunday races, meaning that the divisions on Sunday are set by the jury according to Saturday’s standings. If the standings are equal, the time is considered. Participants who did not race on Saturday will be put in the last run on Sunday.

Award ceremony

Except for the preliminaries, there will be an award ceremony after every race.

Juniors B Only the winners of each run will be honoured directly after their race at the winners’ pontoon. Due to the tight timing, the athletes will remain in their boats.

Juniors A For races without preliminaries, only the winners of each run will be honoured directly after their race at the winners’ pontoon. Due to the tight timing, the athletes will remain in their boats.

For races with preliminaries, places 1 to 3 of the races of the A finals will receive their medals (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) on the winners’ rostrum.

Before the races

Regatta office

The Information Services Desk is located in the building next to the finish tower.

Here, you can pay for your entry fees and food vouchers (cash and cards only). Please ask here for the current list of race results or for further information regarding the regatta course and public transportation.

The Regatta Office is open on Friday from 11:30am until 8:30pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from two hours before the first race until two hours after the last race.

Crew changes

All crew changes have to be announced to the Control Commission at the boat pontoons (open Friday from 2pm). Relevant entry fees have to be paid at the Information Services Desk.

Athlete weigh-in

Lightweight rowers have to meet the requirements of paragraph 2.2.4 of the German Rules of Racing (RWR).
Scales are located in block A – entrance A/2. Please show your picture ID at the weigh-in. Test weigh-in is available on Friday, May 6, between 2pm and 8pm.

About the regatta course

The regatta course corresponds to FISA classification A1.


Safety and traffic rules

Safety on the water and on land are the top priority. Therefore, the traffic rules must be adhered to at all times. We would like to draw your attention to the notice board at the boat park and ask you to observe the safety instructions on this website and in the regatta programme.

The principal points in a brief summary:

Outside competition

Outside competition, the traffic rules for training apply: On lanes 0 to 2 and outside the line of buoys next to lane 0, you will row to the start. Back to the finish line, you will use lanes 4 to 7. On lane 3, there is no traffic allowed.

During races

On lane 0 and outside the line of buoys next to lane 0, you will row to the start. The warm-up zone is located between the 250 m sign before the start up to the 1000 m sign. Traffic in the direction of the finish line in this zone only on lanes 2 and 3.Current races always take priority!

To avoid incoming and outgoing accidents, there are two zones: The three pontoons on the right-hand side (in the direction of the start) are for outgoing boats only. The three pontoons on the left-hand side are reserved for incoming boats.

A crew shall not enter the start zone until it is clear as to which race the crew has been assigned to, and the crew is attributed a lane by the starter. Crews must be at their start positions two minutes before the time set for the start. The starter may warn a crew arriving late at it starting position and such a warning shall have the same effect as one given for a false start. He or she may also exclude the crew from the race.

After a race has finished, the winning boat turns on starboard (bow side) and rows along the border of the lake outside of lane 7 directly to the winners’ pontoon. The cool-down zone extends toward the 1250 m sign – in the direction of the start on lane 0 and outside of the line of buoys next to lane 0 and in the direction of the finish line on lanes 2 and 3.

Driving regulations and access

During competition days, access to the boat area by vehicle is strictly prohibited. Please park your drawing vehicles only in the parking lots specially designated for this purpose and keep the access roads clear at all times. Team busses can enter the compound on competition days in a limited number only. You need to get a parking permit at the Information Centre, the number of permits is limited to one per team. Without parking permit, there is no access to the compound during competition.

Participants and team managers are asked to observe these rules; please understand that we will follow-up on any violations. In addition, please note that you may be banned from the event as a last resort.

For security reasons, walking, cycling, and inline skating is prohibited on the road on the grandstand side of the course during competition days. Coaches and team managers can accompany the races on the road on the opposite side.



Our experienced partner Wilhelm Gastronomie offers food and drinks for teams and visitors in our catering tent in front of the boat sheds 34/35 – from breakfast to dinner.
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