Since the Olympic Games in 1972 the town of Oberschleißheim north of Munich is well known among rowers worldwide: The venu for rowing and canoe competitions was especially created for the XXth Olympic Games and is located six kilometers both of the Olympic Park, partly within the Munich city boundaries and partly on the soil of the town of Oberschleißheim, know for its famous Schleissheim Palace. The compound covers an of approx. 850,000 square metres.

Since 1972, national and international competitions took place frequently. In addition, rowing and canoe clubs use the regatta course as their training facility.

With an exakt length of 2.23 kilometres, 140 metres width and 3.5 metres depth the regatta course offers eight lanes for 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 m races and has the FISA classification A1. Important for rowers: The regatta course was build parallely to the main wind direction south west/north east, therefore even with strong winds, there are a relatively low waves and equal conditions on all lanes.

Apart from rowing regattas, the compund is used for canoe regattas, swimming competitions, running events, cycling and triathlon. The tarred road around the course offers coaches and enthusiasts to follow the races on bicycles and the road is also a highly appreciated training course for cyclists and skaters.

Here you will discover a few images of the regatta course.

Here you can see live images and the current weather conditions at the course.

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